Volume 9(2) Summer 2016

Matteo Richiardi


Constructing Full Adult Life-cycles from Short Panels
Peter Levell, Jonathan Shaw

A Microsimulation Model for Risk in Irish Tillage Farming
Jason Loughrey, Fiona Thorne, Thia Hennessy

Improving the Validity of Microsimulation Results: Lessons from Slovakia
Zuzana Siebertova, Norbert Svarda, Jana Valachyova

5th World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association - Part I

Validation of Spatial Microsimulation Models: a Proposal to Adopt the Bland-Altman Method
Kate Timmins, Kimberley Edwards

Intertemporal Income in Ireland 1996-2011 – A Spatial Analysis
Paul Kilgarriff, Cathal O’Donoghue, Martin Charlton, Ronan Foley

Estimating and Simulating with a Random Utility Random Opportunity Model of Job Choice
Bart Capéau, André Decoster, Gijs Dekkers

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