Volume 3(1) Spring 2010


Macro-Micro Analytics: A Guide to Combining Computable General Equilibrium and Microsimulation modelling frameworks

GUEST EDITORS: Maurizio Bussolo and John Cockburn

Guest Editorial

Macro-micro analytics: background, motivation, advantages and remaining challenges
François Bourguignon, Maurizio Bussolo and John Cockburn

Research Articles

A non-parametric microsimulation approach to assess changes in inequality and poverty
Rob Vos and Marco V Sánchez

Sequential macro-micro modelling with behavioural microsimulations
Jann Lay

Sequential linking of Computable General Equilibrium and microsimulation models: a comparison of behavioural and reweighting techniques
Nicolas Hérault

Scaling up infrastructure spending in the Philippines: A CGE top-down bottom-up microsimulation approach
Luc Savard

Integrated Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) microsimulation approach
John Cockburn, Erwin Corong and Caesar Cororaton

Linking CGE and microsimulation models: a comparison of different approaches
Giulia Colombo

Economic growth and income distribution: linking macro-economic models with household survey data at the global level
Maurizio Bussolo, Rafael E De Hoyos and Denis Medvedev

Case Studies

Case Study: A gender-focused macro-micro analysis of the poverty impacts of trade liberalization in South Africa
Margaret Chitiga, John Cockburn, Bernard Decaluwé, Ismael Fofana and Ramos Mabugu

The growth and poverty impacts of trade liberalization in Senegal
John Cockburn, Erwin Corong, Bernard Decaluwé, Ismaël Fofana and Véronique Robichaud

Tax reform, income distribution and poverty in Brazil: an applied general equilibrium analysis
Joaquim B de Souza Ferreira Filho, Carliton V dos Santos and Sandra M do Prado Lima

Impacts of trade liberalization on poverty and inequality in Argentina: policy insights from a non-parametric CGE Microsimulation analysis
Martín Cicowiez, Carolina Díaz-Bonilla and Eugenio Díaz-Bonilla

Welfare and poverty impacts of trade liberalization: a dynamic CGE microsimulation analysis
Selim Raihan

Global economic crisis and poverty in Pakistan
Vaqar Ahmed and Cathal O'Donoghue

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